How to Lock Folders or Drive in Laptop and Computer

How to Lock Folders or Drive in Laptop and Computer

How to lock folder in windows 10/11? In this article I will tell you how you can add password on folders or drives in windows.

Microsoft  launched the new version of windows OS and named it as windows 11. There are many good features inside this version like precision touchpad, cortana personal assistant, better battery management and many more. It also improves a lot in security. Many users having problem create password folder windows 10 and 11. It's handy to prevent unauthorized access to your data folders or drives. This tutorial will teach you how to add password on folders or drives in Windows.

You know about folder and drive properties in windows and their no option in Windows to protect your folders. Now you'll learn how to put password on folders and drives. You can set password on any folders or drive.

 How to lock folder in windows 10. All of us needed to secure our folder at some point. This can be your private files, photos or just the things you want to hide from everyone else. 

Locking a folder or drive in windows is not easy. There are different ways to do this. You can do it by using Windows Explorer but it's not convenient. If you want to protect some folders and files there are other applications that can do it for you without any difficulty.

 Locking your folder means only you will be able to access it. It is useful if you don't want anyone else to go through your data. Now, you might be wondering how to lock folders in windows 10. Well, it's actually pretty easy, and all you have to do is follow the steps given below.

Steps to Password Protect a Folder or Drive

Step 1: Download and install folder lock software from the link given below.

Step 2: Install the software on Your computer.

Step 3: Set master password and email.

Step 4: Now add the desired folders or drives that You want to to protect.

You can watch the video for more detailed process.

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