Today Telenor Answers 7 January 2022 | Telenor Test Your Skills

Today Telenor Answers 7 January 2022 | Telenor Test Your Skills

Are you looking for Today Telenor Answers?


Congratulations! This is the right place. A few steps more and you are there to win 100 MBPs to 500 MBPs. Because here we share with you the correct Telenor answers today. Get ready! You are all set to win FREE internet right away.

Recently, Telenor has launched a wonderful offer for their customers. If you have installed My Telenor App in your smartphone, you can win up to 500 MBs daily. Fortunately, this pretty awesome offer is super easy to grab!

Test Your Skills is an amazing offer for the users. There is actually a Quiz Section that provides you with an opportunity to easily win free MBs. They ask five questions daily. Answer them accordingly, and you are the winner.

Find them difficult? No worries! Here we bring solutions to all your problems. So, make sure you daily visit us to not lose any chance of winning Free data to use.



Our daily updates keep you informed about things around. We are determined to ensure 100% correct information. This not only helps you test your skills; it rather adds into your general knowledge as well.

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Here is how you can get free internet data. Follow the quick steps below, and you are done!

  • Go to Playstore and install My Telenor App.

  • Now open My Telenor App in your smartphone
  • Click on Test Your Skills button in the right corner there. You can see the Quiz

  • Read the questions carefully. This is the moment to test your skills.

  • Make sure you choose wisely from the options
  • Once it’s done successfully, you are eligible to get free MBs of internet data
  • Remember to make sure that your SIM card has a minimum balance of 0.01 PKR
  • The Free MBs you have won are valid only for 1 day.

Today Telenor Questions and Answers

Question 1: Choimus is a winter season festival celebrated in _____region.

  • Lahore
  • Kalash
  • Bahawalpur
  • Larkana
Answer: Kalash

Question 2: Lohri festival usually celebrated in Punjab region marks the ____ of winter.

  • Beginning
  • Mid
  • 4th day
  • End
Answer: End

Question 3: Mayfung festival is celebrated in Gilgit Baltistan on _____.

  • 15-Jun
  • 23-Mar
  • 21-Dec
  • 14-Aug
Answer: 21-Dec

Question 4: The Sindhi name for Lohri festival is ____.

  • Lal Loi
  • Losar
  • Chiomus
  • Mayfung
Answer: Lal Loi

Question 5: What is the Baltistani New Year called?

  • Mayfung
  • Losar
  • Chiomus
  • Nowruz
Answer: Losar

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