How to Change Folder Color in Windows

How to Change Folder Color in Windows

This article will provide information about how you can change the color of folders on Windows. If You are fed up of using the typical yellow folder color on your computer then this guide is for you.

The usual folder color is a old fashion. Now You can change the color of each folder into any other color like Red, Green, Blue etc. You can change every category folder into a separate color and it will help you to find your specific folder while using your computer.

Changing color of folders is extremely easy. You just need to install a small software on your Computer and that's it. Software information is coming. Just follow the steps given below.

Which Software to Use

The software is FolderHighlight. It is a tool that helps the user to change the color of any folder on PC. Which makes it easy to identify a specific folder. It is very simple and easy to use. It helps its users to save their time while searching for a folder on PC.

The software is easy to install and provides a great working experience. Files can be quickly browsed across all files and folders now. However you can find a variety of colors and appropriately you can change the background of red, violet, aqua, orange and many color options.

How To Use

The use of this software is very simple. Just download it from the link given below. Install it on Your computer. It will be integrated to the right click menu. After the installation right click on any folder which color you want to change. Then go the FolderHighlight section and select your desired color from the list. The folder color will be changed

Click Here To Download:

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