How to reset Zong 4G Device Step by Step Guide

How to reset Zong 4G Device

This article is going to help all those who are facing issues with their Zong 4G device. Not only Zong 4G users but other brand device users like Telenor, Jazz and Ufone, can also get help from this article.

If you forgot the wifi password or admin panel user name or password of your Zong 4G device. And now you want to know how to reset your Zong 4G device. Then this article is for you.

Zong is the one of the top mobile networks in Pakistan. And is the No 1 data network of Pakistan.If we compare Zong with other networks like Ufone, Jazz, Telenor the Zong has more number of  internet users. Because Zong provides high speed 3G and 4G internet in cheap prices and Zong has greater coverage area than other networks.Other network users are also joining Zong.

So lets get back to the topic that how you can reset your Zong 4G wingle device. I am going to use the Zong Bolt plus 4G device.So you can learn that how to reset Zong Bolt Plus 4G device and you can apply this method to all other similar devices.

Why You Need to Reset Your Zong 4G Device

Before resetting you Zong 4G device you must know that why you need to reset your device and how it will help you. So following are the different reasons that can lead you to reset your device.

  • You forgot the wifi password of your Zong MBB device.
  • You forgot the admin pannel user name or password.
  • You Zong device wifi is not working properly(disconnection problem).
  • You device is giving errors.

How to Hard Reset Zong 4G/MBB or Bolt Plus Device

To reset your internet device follow the steps given below.

Step No 1 :  First of all open the back cover of your device. Here you can see a reset button which is clearly visible if you remove the battery.

Step No 2 : Now insert the battery back into you Zong 4G device and make sure that it has more that 50% charging.

Step No 3 : Now dont put on the back cover of the device.

Step No 4 : Turn on your device.

Step No 5 : Take any small pin, sim ejector tool or any other similar tool and press and hold the reset button until the lights in the device gets and on again.

Step No 6 : Now leave the reset button.And wait for few moments until device restarts.

That is it you are ready to go.All the default settings are back. Now you can use the default wifi password and admin panel credentials that are given on the back side of the device.

Still have any question?

Watch the detailed video about how to reset your Zong 4g device that is given below.

If this post helped you to solve your problems then do let me now the comments below. And if you have any question you can ask by commenting below.

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