Type Machine Application Review

Type Machine Application Review

Type Machine is an application which saves everything you type on your mobile while using any Android application. You can find all your old entries any time by just opening Type Machine application. You can filter all entries by app. You can drag the history slider to see what you typed letter by letter. You can copy by just typing.You will never lose a piece of text again is any applications crashes.

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Described By Developer As

After installation, start Type Machine. Collection must be enabled from the device settings: instructions will be provided. Other accessibility services enabled on your device may interfere with functionality.
Completely automatic and seamless. Logs everything from every native Android app. Complete typing history. 
 Stays out of the way until you need it. Simple to use when you do. Brings global undo to Android.
Safe and private. No unnecessary permissions. Allows you to set a PIN lock on the history list. 
Automatic deletion of old entries.
Configurable blacklist for apps. Type Machine won't collect what you don't want it to.
Tablet-friendly user interface.

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