How to Install Windows From USB - Step By Step Guide

How to Install Windows From USB - Step By Step Guide

If you have a USB device and you want to install windows on your computer or laptop with the help of you USB and do not that how to this. Then you are at the right place. I will show you the whole process of installing windows from your USB drive . It is a step by step guide. I will explain with the help of screen shots and video is also available. 

If you want to install windows with help of USB then follow the following steps.

Step No 1 :

In first step you will need a bootable USB. A bootable USB contains the setup of Windows operating system and it can run this setup on computer.
If you do not have a bootable USB and you don't know how to make a bootable USB. Then it is not a big deal. You can learn the method of creating a bootable usb by clicking the link given. This link contains the step by step guide about How to Make a Bootable USB.

Click Here : How To Make A Bootable USB - Step By Step Guide

Step No 2 :

Attach that bootable USB with your computer or laptop on which you want to install windows.

Step No 3 :

Boot your computer from USB drive by going to Boot menu. You can boot menu by pressing F9 on HP devices , F12 on Dell devices while you are on the boot screen that appears when you press the power on button. The method of Opening boot menu can vary model wise and company wise. So you can Google "how to open boot menu" by mentioning your computer's model number.

Step No 4 :

Select USB drive from boot menu.

Step No 5 :

When you select the USB from boot menu the windows setup will start and it will load the files.First of all you have to select you language then windows version and click next.then select your desired partition on which you want to install windows. Further process is shown in the screen shots below just follow these screen shots.

For More Details Watch This Video:

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